Bee Keeping in west, Birendranagar Surkhet

Just like every creature on earth, honey bees have a way of communicating with one another. Scientists have discovered that honey bees can communicate with one another through movement or what is called the Honey Bee Dance. But researchers have discovered other ways in which bees communicate with one another, and it could help to improve their overall health.

We are Located in Bijaura-7, Karnali Province, surkhet Nepal. We were serving the customers and selling honey in surkhet, Nepal since 2010 but we were officially registered as company in the ministry of Nepal in 2012. We are glad to run the organic Honey company which is farmed & produced in remote area of Nepal which is free of any chemicals.

Naural Honey and All Bee keeping Equipment are available in our company and other Bee keeping or farming query are provided from our farm.



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